8 Makeup Tips For An Oval Face Shape

8 Makeup Tips For An Oval Face Shape

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Makeup is often done to enhance what is already God-gifted to us. Not only can makeup help you hide your skin-related flaws but it can also help in bringing out the best of your face shape. Each one of us is blessed with a different type of face shape and each one of them is beautiful. However, if you have an oval face shape then you are considered to be lucky. In case you are on the lookout for makeup tips for an oval face then we have you covered.

Simple Makeup Tips For An Oval Face Shape

Stick to your natural foundation

To begin with, always remember that the foundation you use needs to match your skin tone. The selection of the foundation henceforth should be based on your skin type. Multiple brands do claim that different facial shape requires a different foundation. However, this is quite misleading and hence it is a suggestion to stick to your ordinary foundation that matches your complexion. Simply changing the foundation will not bring about any transformation that you are seeking.

Concentrate on your eyes

Among other makeup tips for an oval face, eye makeup certainly takes the lead. Using appropriate eye makeup can make your oval face look even more beautiful. You can use pastel eye shadows to create a dreamy look. Also, add some glitter with it to get a dramatic effect. Curl your eyelashes to give a wide-eyed look. Those who love applying eyeliners can create cat eyeliner styles on their eyes.

Plump up the cheeks

Speaking about your cheeks, make sure that you do not put on heavy makeup. The oval-shaped faces are naturally beautiful and hence a little touch-up alone can enhance your beauty. Having said that oval faces can certainly benefit by highlighting their natural angles using a contouring product around the outer area of the eyebrows as well as cheekbones. Don’t forget to blend the contouring properly.

Keep your brows natural

Well, most people do get perplexed about the shape of the brows. The ideal brows for people with oval face shapes is the arch eyebrow that is a little angled. Brows might not cover up the maximum section of your face but it does make a huge impact on how you look. If you desire to enhance your look then, you need to have soft and angled eyebrows. However, if your eyebrow’s shape is not angled then, do not worry! It is best to stay with the natural shape of your brows.

Defined Lips

One thing to always bear in mind is when you do heavy eye makeup then; you need to ensure that the lip makeup is relatively simple. Doing a heavy lip and eye makeup simultaneously will make you appear overdone and unnatural. Therefore, it is suggested to add an artistic touch to your lips only when your eyes are kept simple. You can apply darker shades of lipstick to let them stand out. Using an attractive gloss or sparkles certainly adds to the focus. Make sure to define the outline of your lips before filling in with your favorite lipstick. This will bring out a natural pout in them.

Concentrate on one feature

Among the other makeup tips for an oval face that you often get from different sources, always bear in mind, not to concentrate on more than one feature. This means that if you are doing heavy lip makeup then, the rest of the face should be simple. This tip is particularly for people with an oval-shaped face cut. In most cases, the jawline is proportional right up to the forehead.

Add a blush

Also, add a light pinkish blush to your makeup to complete the look. Interestingly, this tip is valid for all the beautiful women out there. Putting on the light shade of the blush will add to your beauty. A little tip of advice for all those who put on the blush is to use the powdered blush to complete the look. It has been often observed that women who wear a slight blush are more attractive as compared to others.

Select shades carefully

Keeping both the highlighter as well as the bronzer of the same shade will certainly make you look overdone. You would yourself not like the resulting appearance that the same shades will create. Hence, the ideal way is to use a lighter shade of highlighter when the bronzer is of a darker shade and vice versa.

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Those of you searching for makeup tips for an oval face should definitely benefit by using the above suggestions. Oval face cut is naturally a very desirable feature by itself; however, wrong makeup can spoil its beauty leading to a disaster. Keep the above tips in mind whenever you choose to make up your face.




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